In Toby Keith's latest single "Made In America" Toby describes the pride that is established when items are made in America. Great things  have been  made outside of America as well... Lets take Canada for example;  We can thank the Canadians for the pacemaker, rollerskate, and the dental mirror. So be sure to thank our northern friends when you rely on a dentist's mirror to see around your remaining teeth after a horrific rollerskating accident (Hey, you never know). You'll be more thankful that your creepy dentist didn't drop his or her mirror and pass out on you because of that handy-dandy pacemaker.

Canada has also introduced us to a few artists. No, not Paul Peel the Canadian artist known for his portrait titled "After The Bath" depicting two naked boys in front of a fireplace (creepy). I'm talking about the musical artist variety. Take Michelle Wright for example;

Not to be confused with the super hot-lesbian-ex country singer/songwriter, Chely Wright

If you're anywhere near my age, you again have no idea who Michelle Wright is. I was two years old when her song "Take it Like A Man" hit #10 on the charts. At that age I was barely able to take my apple sauce from a spoon. Nevertheless, the internet is a great resource and you if you do some digging you can find just about anything. Including this lost hit from Michelle Wright.

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