On every other Baby Boy Brawl you witnessed one on one action. Well, I want to make this more interesting...

      Here comes Brad Paisley walking up to the ring....  Is that a bat in his hands? Oh ok... that's just one of his many axes. It sounds like he is shredding out some kind of chick'n pick'n, tearing that axe up! I'd be scared right now if I were... Oh wait who's that with him? Damn she's hot! She looks vaguely familiar though... It's freakin Carrie Underwood!

We better get the next tag team out here before he cheats.

Here they come now! Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is making her way to the ring now. Kristian Bush should be right behind her any moment now... Wait a minute... Is that Bon Jovi or an 80's shampoo commercial? Well I dont see any water... So it must be Bon Jovi!

Now it's time to vote! Which Tag Team/Duet is the best?

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