There has been a debate raging for years when it comes to raising babies...whether to feed on demand or schedule baby's feeding times. Parents who feed when baby is hungry will tell you that not doing so would be depriving baby of food. Parents who work on a schedule for feedings will tell you the importance of establishing a feeding routine. What do you think? Well, according to a new British study, babies who are fed on demand will do better in school and may even have a higher IQ.

The study says that eight-year-olds who were fed on demand had an IQ four or five points higher than those babies who were schedule fed and performed better on standardized tests in school at ages five, seven, 11 and 14.

One other interesting finding was that the difference between on demand fed and schedule fed babies was the same for both breastfed and in bottle fed babies. The study does not indicate whether how you choose to feed your baby has any long-term impact on IQ or acedemic attainment so, don't panic if you schedule feed your baby because it's not necessarily a bad thing over the long haul.

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