B.U.L.L.I.E. Nation Rescue and Pet Food Center are teaming up to help the animals and families affected by the tornado in Oklahoma. The shelters and rescues are overrun with extra animals to feed and care for.  They will be having a Stuff the Truck event Saturday, May 25th from 10 to 4 at Pet Food Center’s North Evansville Location.

Below you will find a list of the items that they have requested:


Medical Supplies:

• Needles- all sizes but preferably 22 guage

• Syringes, all sizes, but prefer 3 cc

• Latex Gloves size small and medium

• Surgical Gowns

• Shoe Covers

• Shampoo

• #40 clipper blades

Cleaning Supplies:

• Medical gloves

• Bleach

• Paper towels

• Brooms

• Mops

• Buckets

Dog/Cat supplies:

• Wire or plastic kennels/crates

• Outside kenneling

• Canned Food

• Dry Food

• Leashes

• Collars

• Bedding

• Towels

• Blankets

• Treats

The volunteers at the shelters could also use some Human Snacks.

We hope to fill the 26ft truck completely. Bringing Hannah Home volunteers will be picking all donations up, sorting, and distributing the items among those most in need. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at bullienationrescue@gmail.com