Monday morning after the ACM's, we talked about what we liked and disliked about the ceremony/show. Jon mentioned that he was VERY bothered by one appearence. And so was Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore, who have some issues with Ashton Kutcher's cowboy studded appearance on the ACM's.

Miranda tweeted the question that many country stars and fans have been asking themselves: "Was Ashton Kutcher making fun of country or is it just me? Watching it back now and I'm kinda wondering."

When you watch the video, Miranda hugs Ashton when exiting the stage. And, she doesn't look very offended. ;-)

In response, Ashton tweeted, "Miranda, I am one of the biggest country music fans you've ever met. Wasn't making fun at all." He also added, "By the way, congratulations again."

Justin tweeted, "Seen Ashton Kutcher at the ACMs...I don't care for people making a mockery of the way country artists dress."

It's hard to tell if he WAS or WASN'T making fun. I can't decide, can you????