It seems like a hold-up at an Evansville area convenience store is becoming a daily occurrence. It is become a big problem in the Tri-State over the last few years and even increased law enforcement presence can't seem to stop it. You would not think that an Internet cafe would be a great place to pull off a robbery, but that's what happened in Ocala, Florida until a 71-year-old customer packin' heat put an end to the situation.

The video below shows two men attempting to rob customers at the Palms Internet Cafe carrying baseball bats and a gun. Just as the men began proclaiming their intentions, an elderly customer, Samuel Williams, comes up behind the thieves firing a small handgun.

At this point, the robbers are falling all over each other trying to get out the door and out of harms way. Both men were apprehended and one was treated for a gunshot wound.

Williams does have a conceal and carry permit and is yet to speak with the media about the incident. This incident will undoubtedly spark another debate about gun rights in America, especially in light of the Travon Martin / George Zimmerman case. See the actual security footage of the robbery below - it's kind of scary.