In my previous life, before radio, I worked with kids. It was a time in my life that I found the most rewarding. All of my students brought so much life into my life. Well, some were more reluctant to shine their light than others. LOL But each and every one of them taught me more than I could have ever taught them.

One of my former students, whom I am SO proud of, is working with the Arc Crisis Center. She asked me if I would help them get the word out about a magical and remarkable event for children in crisis.


Please join me in supporting that Arc Crisis Center and all of the work they do to to help children in need in our community. :-)


Here is Info from the email I received.......

You may know Ark Crisis Child Care Center is the only free, short term child care center in Indiana for children whose families are in stress or crisis. Our ultimate goal is to prevent child abuse and neglect. We are a non-profit and rely on the generosity of the community to keep our doors open. We care for 2,000 children annually and provide more than 38,000 hours of free care.


Our Fairy Tale Ball is going to be a magical event for families featuring dinner, dancing, crafts, family pictures and roaming fairy tale characters to interact with the children. It will be Saturday, April 6th at the Career and Tech Center from 5-7:30pm.


One of the most special aspects of our event is what we call the “Fairy Godparent” option. Essentially, people can become “Fairy Godparents” to an Ark child, paying for that child to attend the ball with his or her siblings and parents/caregivers. The child and family will get a ticket, transportation and clothing if they need it as well as hair/makeup before the event.