Christmas is now over and your kids might still have their toys scattered all over the place or maybe not. Remember the days when every Christmas there was some 'must have' toy that people would line up for days in advance to make sure they got one? Things like a Furby, Tickle-Me-Elmo or a Razor scooter were almost impossible to find at the height of their popularity. That doesn't seem to happen much anymore and manufacturers like Mattel and Hasbro are becoming very concerned. According to some recent data, more and more kids are less interested in toys and are much more interested in the latest tech devices like tablets.Toys-R-Us has even rolled their own kid friendly tablet called the 'Tabeo' and apparently it is quite popular.

My boys are really into Legos, Lego Ninjago, Monsuno and Star Wars, but they have recently expressed interest in  tablets, iPads and iPods. My 11-year-old has even said he would prefer to play his video games on a laptop rather than the TV.

Toy sales have dipped over the last couple of years, but more so this year, which has alarmed Mattel and Hasbro in particular. It is really hard to imagine a world where kids no longer want toys, but the times, they are a changin' and we live in a much more 'tech' oriented society and the kids, even the little ones, are standing up and taking notice of how cool the 'tech' world is and they definitely want to be part of it. Sorry Elmo.