It seems like I'm on facebook all the time. Does that mean I'm addicted to Facebook? Are you addicted to facebook, blind-sighted by the obvious signs?

You know you're addicted to facebook when:

1.You no longer even check your e-mail box.... you go straight to facebook to collect your messages.
2.Your browser's start page has been set to
3.You meet someone new, and the absolute first thing you do is look him or her up on Facebook.
4."Facebook" has become a verb.
5.You can't imagine what life was like before facebook.
6.You get facebook spam.
7.You keep hitting refresh to see if anybody wrote on your wall in the last 2 minutes
8. Facebooking has replaced Instant Messaging. check your account when you wake up, go to sleep, as well as numerous times during the day
10.when you are aimlessly wandering in and out of the site for no reason other than to stalk.
11.You totally freaked out when the news feed/mini feed were introduced
12.You know that the response to the introduction of the feeds made national news.
13.You synchronized watching the news stories and posting on the "I hate the new facebook" group that you joined, and were proud to be a part of a "Generation Y movement"
14.You belong to at least three "Facebook is stalking me" groups.
15.You've complained about high school kids being allowed on facebook. Even BEFORE they could communicate with college users.
16.The risk of Facebook opening up to the public was a major life event.
17.As soon as you get pictures from some event that you attended you immediately have to upload them to facebook.
18.The only reason you take pictures is BECAUSE you can upload them to facebook.
19.You are friends with your entire high school class-- even the ones you hated.
20.You have a 10 page research paper that is half your grade due tomorrow and 'facebooking' takes priority.
21.You learn your best friend got broke up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend on facebook before you learn it in person.
22.You learn that YOUR relationship with your bf/gf is "complicated" and totally freak out.
23.You're married to your best friend.
24.Your girlfriend is in a relationship with her best friend on facebook and it offends you.
25.You've seen every "you've been hit by the beautiful truck" spam wall post ever and get annoyed when they get posted on your wall.
26.You're constantly typing in old friends' names and when nothing comes up you think you must be misspelling their name because it's not even a possibility they couldn't have facebook.
27.You've tried to go a day without using facebook and you realize it's both improbable and impossible.
28.You have facebook mobile activated.
29.You actually respond to the messages you receive on facebook mobile from your cell phone right after you receive them.
30.If you're in high school you think facebook use at school is protected by the constitution and can't believe that it got blocked.
31.You spend class time trying to hack through the facebook block.
32.You base the quality of your day on how many wall posts or messages you've received.
33.You greet old friends by asking them if they have facebook.... and then ragging on them if they say they don't.
34.You've yelled the words, "Have you checked your wall posts/messages yet?" across a distance to a friend.
35.You wake up unexpectedly at 4 in the morning and the first thing you do is go on facebook.
36.You used to have a myspace, xanga, friendster, hi5, etc. account which are now obsolete due to the fact that facebook is "so much better"
37.The only reason you have a myspace account is to keep in touch with your friends who don't have a facebook account.
38.Every time you leave someone a comment on myspace you tell them to get facebook instead.
39.You recognize an acquaintance's boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad from pictures that you've seen of them on facebook.
40.You have a full conversation with your roommate(s) on their wall.
41.You switched your status from "single", to "in a relationship" to "single" in one day.
42.You have a goal to become friends with as many "Celebrities" on facebook as possible.
43.You've actually created a celebrity facebook account.
44.You got angry when facebook deleted a celebrities' profile that you were friends with.
45.You belong to 30 or more facebook groups.
46.You actually post on group discussion boards.
47.You know how to invite all of your friends to a group without having to check every single box
48.You've filled in friend details for all 500+ friends you have on facebook.
49.You get depressed when a whole day goes by without anyone talking to you via facebook.
50. Getting denied a friendship on facebook is the ultimate rejection.