Panhandling is a very big and unfortunate problem in this country and even right here in Evansville. There are so many organizations that are doing some incredible work to end panhandling, but it will take a miracle to get rid of it completely. I had an encounter on Sunday afternoon in Downtown Evansville as a lot of us have, especially those of us who live downtown that was very disturbing.

I went to get something out of my car which was parked on Main and there were three men sitting on a bench talking and seemingly enjoying each other's company. One man asked me for 50-cents which I did not have because I rarely have change on me when he became very aggitated. He said he was sick and tired of being ignored and asked again for the 50-cents. I told him again that I did not have any change and he took a couple of steps toward me and started screaming about paying taxes the same as I do and was insisting I help him out.

I am all about helping when possible, but this was getting very close to becoming an ugly situation. I went back inside my building when another resident, who witnessed the encounter, said that has happened to him recently and many others and is becoming quite a problem.

While people on the streets certainly have the right to ask for help, they certainly don't have the right to demand your help and become aggressive. The panhandling problem is unfortunately and sadly rampant in our society, but is another problem starting to brew? I certainly hope not.

By the way, this was the third time in as many months this happened to me and each with a different person, but it was never quite this aggressive.