As a new parent, with hardly any experience dealing with babies to refer to, I often look at what my daughter is doing ask myself, "Is that behavior normal?" Just shy of a year old, she shares almost everything she has: toys, treasures and especially her (organic and very expensive) snacks with the family dogs. She does expect reciprocation though. You are to share all your remote controls, shiny items and food with her. It's the rule.

I expect all kids are different and she ranges in the "normal child development zones" but in the short year that I have spent with my baby, I have become quite aware that there is a lot going on in that ever-growing mind and soul. She has real thoughts, emotions and even a sense of justice.

I ran across the below video and was fascinated by the outcomes of what babies and young children view as moral. We are hardwired to protect ourselves but also have an innate sense of compassion. Then, parenting, free will and hormones get in the mix and you have a whole proverbial whirlwind of possibilities. If you have 13 minutes - take a look at how babies as young as 3 months twirl their moral compasses. It's pretty interesting.