Just when we think we are safe from our family members finding out the gory details of our Google search history after we pass away, (BTW...Thank you, Google! Don't judge me!) LOL, Apple reveals something that has us all watching what we ask for.

Apparently, the pretty voice, records and keeps your questions for up to 2 years. What does she do with them? Well, THAT'S not clear. The whole issue came up because of an article published in Wired asking about Siri's privacy policy. Basically the policy is as clear as mud. According to Apple, your question history is for equipment improvement and product placement. I don't know about you, but I don't like it.

So, I'm thinking we should just give 'Siri' her pink slip. She is like that employee who runs to the boss and tells him or her everything bad you said about them. Until Apple's 'Siri' privacy policy is clear cut, I say cut HER off. Fire her! ;-)

If you want to learn how to turn her OFF, click here.

Source: LA Times