I will probably get hate mail for saying this, but I have never been a big fan of The Beatles.  I have thought from time to time, they were quite overrated.  It took last night's American Idol to realize, it's the performance of the The Beatles I don't enjoy.  The songs, however, when sung by the right person, are amazing.  For the most part, the Idol top 9 nailed it last night!

After Candice stole the show last week, it was back to Angie for me this week.  I told my wife, I believe she could reach Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood level in her career, win or lose.

And I want to share this performance too, because I admit, I didn't think she had it in her, but with the only song of the night I didn't know, Janelle made me a believer.


Safe for Sure

Angie - There is still something about Angie that is head and shoulders above the rest.  Her voice, presence on stage, and confidence as she sand 'Yesterday' just screamed STAR!

Janelle - Because of the judges' praise and her last spot position on the show, I am giving the second place spot to Janelle.  'I Will' sounded like a song she could have on the radio.  She has turned me around, and probably the votes as well.

Kree - This was a tough one, but I think Kree edges out Candice this week in the top 3.  Kree did go first with 'A Little Help From My Friends' so that might hurt her, but both ladies were spot on once again, and niether will be going anywhere.

Candice - I like that she went upbeat with 'Come Together.'  She could have easily have gone to a slow ballad where she could belt it out, but instead, we get a rockin' Candice and I liked it.

On The Fence

Paul - I like Paul, and I like his improvement, and I am 100% in agreement with Keith and the crew, when they say he's more pop/rock than country.  I have heard some stuff he did on an indy CD, and I liked the rock stuff much better.  Yes, his heart is with country, and no I don't think it matters since he's singing great, but despite this conversation that won't end for the judges, his 'Elanor Rigby' sounded awesome.

Amber - The judges liked it, and it was a good performance, but Amber's version of 'She's Leaving Home' was a little forgettable and boring.  Not a great tune from the Beatles catalog, despite what Keith Urban thinks


Bottom 3

Burrell - I think he's a wonderful singer, I just want him to do a song that doesn't put me to sleep.  His sleepy version of 'Let It Be' will probably land him the bottom 3, simply because the girls were so good!

Devin - After finding himself in the bottom 2 last week, I'm not sure he did enough to do any better than bottom 2 once again.  'Long and Winding Road' is exactly what I was feeling as he was singing.  His lack of star power is only surpassed by the lack of one other.

Going Home

Lazaro - His reaction to some constructive criticism over his 'In My Life' told me all I need to know about Lazaro's ability to handle stardom.  He is always a nervous wreck, but breaking down so much that Ryan Seacrest has to console you is embarrassing.  The only thing that might keep him in the game is the mercy vote.

Final Observation

Everybody stepped up their game, but I have no doubt this will be the first girl vs. girl finale since Season 3.