Maybe I was already tired, and that was the problem, but there was really nothing on last night's American Idol top 8 performance show that made me jump up and say 'wow!'  I'm also not sure this solved any mysteries as to who might go home and who might stay.  As a matter of fact, this could be the 'surprise' elimination night!

Every year, Idol does a Motown week.  For some reason, this year, they opened it up to all music from Detroit.  Funny that only one song last night was NOT Motown and that was the duet from Kree and Janelle of Madonna's 'Like A Prayer.'  Other duets followed with Angie, Amber, and Candice covering The Supremes' 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me.'  Amazing solos and harmonies, as you would imagine from those 3, followed.  Then there was the awful trio work of Devin, Burnell, and Lazaro on 'Can't Help Myself,' cementing my notion that the guys are just sub-par this season.  I'll get back to them, and especially Lazaro soon.

The person who continues to get better and impress me this season is miss Janelle.  She had the best showing of the night in my opinion with this cool performance.



Safe for Sure

Candice - I think Candice has made sure she's going to stick around awhile, with her prior performances, so even though 'Heard It Through The Grapevine' was not her best she's ever done it was certainly better than at least half the field.  She's a natural.

Kree - It's really cool to see how effortlessly Kree sings, whether it's a country song, a Joe Cocker song, or in this case, Aretha Franklin's 'Don't Play That Song.'  She seems to be a crowd favorite and I think she too will be sticking around a long time.

On The Fence

Angie - She's my girl, but I'm a little puzzled by her choice of song.  The Miracles' 'You Better Shop Around' was the last song I expected, and I do think she was a little lost.  This is the first time I felt like she wasn't at ease with a performance.  I did think Nikki was a little harsh, but more on that coming up.

Janelle - As I mentioned, I think Janelle was the best from last night, but I don't know if she's completely captured America's heart.  'Keep Me Hangin' On' was a new tune considering the way she played and sang it.  I once thought she didn't belong, but I have changed my mind.

Amber - Randy can keep saying 'best vocal of the night,' but Amber needs to add something a little more exciting or she's going to be back in the bottom 3 again this week.  Nikki talks about Candice and her eyes being disconnected from the performance...I think this is more a problem for Amber, but she did sound good on 'Lately.'

Bottom 3

Burrell - I was wrong this week, but I think the trio song train wreck for the boys will place them all in trouble.  Burnell was the best of the 3 with his 'My Cherrie Amor' performance, but overall, once again, the girls dominated this week.

Devin - HIs voice is pretty good, and his performance of 'Tracks of My Tears' was respectable.  I'm still not sold on this kid still, and how quickly he and Burnell threw Lazaro under the bus just turned me off, no matter how good he was, but that being said...

Going Home

Lazaro - Last week I said he'd go home because of his reaction to criticism.  He didn't because I think he got the mercy vote.  This week, I'm as frustrated as Nikki, who told he and his trio partners to 'get off the stage!'  Forget his performance of 'For Once In My Life,' as it was mediocre at best.  Forget that he cried with a little criticism last week.  I have heard one too many times that he 'just learned the song.'  He is in no way ready for the pressures this business brings, and he needs to be gone.

Final Observation

I said this could be a surprise elimination.  Sometimes votes go wacky by the third week.  While I know who should go home, that doesn't mean somebody like Angie won't magically drop to last place.  Mark my words, the first girl to be indanger will be the first to be saved.  It might not be this week but it'll be soon.