It wasn't the hardest rock I've ever heard, but rock night on American Idol was a good showing for most of the top 7, and further proof that the girls are far superior.

I'm pretty sure that was by design as I've said before, but it may be hurting them in the ratings.  AI's desire to have a female winner may have kicked them in the butt.  That being said, I'm still loving the top girls and think they have a long career ahead.  My girl, Angie came back with the only contemporary rock of the night, and I thought it was spot on!

I will also give a break to who I have felt was the weakest female to date, as Amber laid down, possibly the best performance of the night with this Heart classic.


Safe for Sure

Angie - I don't buy the 'theatrics' critique that the judges are giving her.  I think she has the ability to be a powerhouse like Kelly Clarkson, and I'm sticking by that.  Her performance of Evanesence's 'Bring Me To Life' was amazing and sounds like the kind of music she could be doing!

Janelle - OK, I'm convinced.  Janelle has captured the fans and she's captured me.  She always chooses songs I don't expect her to, and I always am a fan.  Billy Joel's, 'You May Be Right' was a cover out of Garth's playbook and I can't hate on that.

On The Fence

Amber - Still lacking in personality, she may have had the best vocal of the night with Heart's 'What About Love.'  It will most likely me enough to keep her out of the bottom three.

Kree - She is so humble, but so powerful when she sings.  She might just make a good country star, as she's already connected in the songwriting community.  Her cover of 'Piece of My Heart' had just enough Janis Joplin and just enough Faith Hill to make it new and now, and hopefully she'll be safe.

Bottom 3

Candice - It had to happen sometime.  A girl will have to be in the bottom three tonight, and crazy as it seems, I think it'll be Candice.  I only say this because of her song choice in relation to the others.  I get what Nikki meant by saying the Stones' 'Satisfaction' put her to sleep.  It's just been done to death.  Candice could have gone a lot of different places with that.

Lazaro - Maybe if I don't choose him to leave, he will.  Actually, while I still believe he should hit the road first, I think he has one more week in him.  He surprisingly stepped up his game with Queen's 'We Are The Champions.'  He sounded good, but still not good enough to win.

Going Home

Burnell - He seems to have caught the Lazaro excuse bug.  Forget that he butchered Bon Jovi's 'You Give Love A Bad Name,' and you DON'T DO THAT!  He also said it was the ONLY rock song he knew.  REALLY?!  There are 60 years of songs that could be considered 'rock' and you could only find one?  That's a cop out and you need to be put out...

Final Observation

I said it last week and I will say it again, surprise eliminations are coming soon.  If by some crazy chance, Candice or Kree gets cut tonight, they will be saved.  If it's the boys, sorry bout your luck.  No one is saving you fools.