Considering Burt Bacharach was used as a running gag in the Austin Powers movies for his 'elevator music,' it's not fair to say someone performing his songs was boring, but then again, when someone like Candice makes it incredibly entertaining, maybe it is fair to say.

The contestants had two songs to sing on Wednesday.  First they tackle Burt Bacharach and then they sing a song they wish they'd written.  It was a pretty good showing by the girls.  Yes I'm only referencing the girls at this point, because the one other contestant that is amazingly STILL on the show is so far removed from the additional talent, I'll give him the Nikki Minaj treatment and just ignore the fact he's there.

You know who was there?  And told the world she was there...Candice!  The judges gushed over this performance.  (Apparently some demon voice did too at about 1:10 in this)

I also have to give props to Angie, who I think is getting overlooked despite her awesome talent.

There were many other performances worth noting like Janelle and Kree killing some great country tunes, but here's my order for this week.

Safe for Sure

Candice - She's the only one that I'm confident won't show up in the bottom three this week.  Her version of The Cure's 'Lovesong' as you see above was amazing and equally amazing was her performance of Dionne Warwick's 'Don't Make Me Over.'  The two best performances of the night will keep her alive for sure.

On The Fence

Kree - Along with Candice, Kree also found a way to put some life into a Bacharach song, doing a nice job with 'What The World Needs Is Love.'  Her true vocal prowess got to shine with the awesome Kris Kristofferson penned 'Help Me Make It Through The Night.'  Pulling a little from Martina McBride and a little from Sammi Smith, Kree brought new life into this classic and keeps her as a firm top two contender.

Angie - I believe the judges continue to be a little hard on her for 'not feeling' the songs.  She still has the whole package in my opinion, including the voice, stage presence, and especially, confidence.  That is something that I feel is lacking on the faces of Amber, Candice, and Kree.  Bacharach's 'Anyone Who Had A Heart' and the relatively unknown, 'Love Came Down' (seen above) were just slightly better than Amber this week.

Bottom 3

Amber - With the field getting smaller, It's certainly hard to put some of these girls in the bottom 3, but it has to happen.  I will say that I didn't see as much brilliance in her performance of 'I Say A Little Prayer' as the judges, but I did think the Beyonce tune, 'Love On Top' gave her a slight dose of fun for a change.

Lazaro - Because America is stupid, he won't be in last...I'll only say, watch Angie's performance above and tell me that this dude is within One Million spaces from her, much less 5 spaces.

Going Home (but not)

Janelle - I thought she did what she could with 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again.'  C'mon that was one of the songs used as a gag in Austin Powers.  It's not meant to be an Idol song.  I do give her major respect for tackling 'The Dance.'  It's my favorite song of all time, and while she didn't completely nail it, she did give me chills, so that counts for something.  She will be the unfortunate one who loses the battle to America's ridiculous voting, yet will be saved.

Final Observation

This will be the week.  The flaws in the voting process will show, and Lazaro will survive another crappy, lizard-skin suit wearing, sweat-covered, unprepared, untalented week.  Let's just hope that after the one save gets used tonight, America wises up and votes him off next week.