I can't say the top 3 of this year's American Idol is a surprise, but at the same time I thought we'd see folks like Colton and Skylar here...heck I even thought Shannon had a chance before she butchered the opening rounds.  But, we have Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip.  Who goes home?  I have the answer!

Ever since my favorite to win, Colton Dixon, went home, I have predicted the winner to be Phillip Phillips.  I think going into last night, he was probably seen as the long shot, but coming out of last night, he had the best performance of the night in my opinion.  He took the stage last to sing "We Got Tonight" by Bob Seger.

Amazing!  I agreed with Randy when he said this was Phillip's best to date!  That being said, I'm sticking with my prediction:


Joshua - The praise the judges have given him has been, to quote Steven Tyler "Over the top."  Most of it has been warranted, but I think they've convinced us that he's better than he actually is.  Either way, Joshua is in the finals FOR SURE!

Phillip - Not sure about his choice of "Disease" from Matchbix 20, but for the two songs chosen for him, he showed he does indeed have diversity and he can and WILL win this season.  Again, I say listen to the screams in the audience.  That's a good measuring stick of America's votes.

Going Home:

Jessica - On a night where she really needed to bring out her biggest guns, she failed on every song.  Her choice of "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" was bad, her performance of Mariah's "My All" was too low key, and "I'll Be There" was just cheesy.  She is gone for the second time and the boys will have their spotlight next week.