The save was used i dramatic fashion last week, keeping Jessica Sanchez in the competition, so this week we have two performances per contestant one from the last 12 years and one from the era of soul.  Who did well enough to remain?  Here's what I think.

There were standouts and there were "fall-flats."  In my opinion, the person who fell flat for the first time in the competition is the guy I predicted would win it all.  Colton had a hard time making a statement this week, even after doing a Lady Gaga song and slowing down a fun, upbeat Earth, Wind, and Fire song.  The problem with Gaga...Skylar dominated a different Gaga song last night as well.  The problem with "September"...well you may not even recognize the song after Colton gets done with it.

The standouts this week included the aforementioned Skylar.  Originally thought to only be a country girl, she took care of, not only Gladys Knight, but also Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

The rest of the field should fall into place as follows if my calculations are correct.

Safe For Sure:

Skylar - She's stepping up at the right time.  This girl has some tricks left I think.

Phillip - I'm starting to think he might be the front runner considering the winners of the last few years.  Minus Scotty, Phillip fits the mold of guys like Lee Dewyse, David Cook, and Kris Allen.  He finally showed me something new with his take on Usher's "U Got It Bad."

On The Fence:

Jessica - After last week's scare, her fans may step up the voting, even though I thought she was mediocre with her Alicia Keys' "Fallin'" followed up with "Try A Little Tenderness."

Colton - While there's a chance he falls into the bottom 3, I still don't see it happening yet.

Bottom Three:

Hollie - She's just starting to fall into that place.  She's not the winner, but she's not bad either.  I did think last night was her best to date, nailing Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and having some fun with "Son Of a Preacher Man."

Joshua - I'm not sure the judges begging for vote did him any favors.  His screamy schtick is getting old, and his take on Fantasia and Sam Cooke just didn't do it for me.

Going Home:

Elise - She's barely dodged elimination week after week, and while her version of Alicia Keys' "No One" impressed me, "Let's Get It On" from Marvin Gaye, just told me she's done!