This year's American Idol live shows kicked off last night with the top 12 guys taking the stage. One thing is obvious to me so far: we will not have a repeat of Scotty McCreery this year.While the girls' side of things, there are at least three good candidates to be country stars, the only chance we have for the boys, is Chase Likens, and I hate to say it, but he placed last on my list of the top 12 performances with his rendition of Hunter Hayes' "Storm Warning."

So, after listening to all of them, it will be really tough to pick 5 to go home, but I shall try in this review.

Safe for Sure:

Joshua Ledet - After taking us all to church with former Idol contestant, Jennifer Hudson's "You Pulled Me Through" I believe Ledet is one of the male front runners.

Phil Phillips - Jennifer Lopez even admitted that the judges talked about Phillips after the auditions were over, and I agree. He was the one standout for me before last night, and did a great job with "In The Air Tonight" to cement his return next week.

Colton Dixon - There seems to be a love fest for Colton, and I see why. He's very "now" and his trip back to Idol is a good story. His look and voice should keep him safe after his performance of "Decode."

On the Fence:

Jermaine Jones - I was surprised when they brought him back, but I figure they think he'll be around a while since they did.  He picked a perfect song for him, in Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father."

Reed Phillips - I thought his innovative "Moves Like Jagger" performance was enough to make people vote for him.  I just hope going first didn't hurt him.

Heejun Han - He's been just enough of a character to stay, but his performance of "Angels" was not his best.  I want to think he'll still be around next week.

Jeremy Rosado - Man, I like this guy.  I hope he was good enough to stay, but with only 5 guys going through, I'm worried for him.  His rendition of "Gravity" was beautiful and he's got a great personality, but he's just on the fence...wish he was higher.

Eben Franckewitz - This Beiber-esque young man will get the vote from the prime demographic, but he didn't do enough in my opinion to stay.  The Adele song he sang was WAY too big for him.

Going Home:

Aaron Marcellus - Plain and simple...just not memorable enough.  Nice work on the Jackson 5 song though.

Adam Brock - I just don't see a second coming of Danny Gokey, and even once Danny was done, he really didn't fit anywhere, so he was dropped into country, where he didn't really fit either.

Creighton Fraker - I REALLY like this guy.  He looks like the love child of Justin Timberlake and Emenim.  That's not why I like him, just an observation.  His performance of "True Colors" was good, but you could even tell the judges were concerned that he was already gone.

Chase Likens - He's the only contestant I have a strong feeling about, and that strong feeling says he's gone for sure.  He was pitchy all the way through "Storm Warning" and will never find his niche in country music.

The girls perform on Idol tonight at 7pm!  I think it may be time for another female's been a while.