The top 12 American Idol girls took the stage for the first time last night on Fox. I'm here to run down my thoughts on their performances, and I'm ashamed to say that the girl I've been bragging on did not come through last night.Since her first audition this season, I have said, "Be on the lookout for Baylie Brown." She really stood out by taking chances and not sounding like a copycat.  Her initial audition featured Bon Jovi song, "Bed Of Roses" done in a style very country and all her own.  She then sealed the deal for the top 24 with a rendition of Rascal Flatts' "Here Comes Goodbye."  Third time was the "harm" for Brown, as she went to another male-lead group in Lonestar for their hit, "Amazed."

I think Baylie started off key and off beat and just couldn't recover.

One country girl that had no issues with nerves was Skylar Laine.

Don't know if she has the strongest vocals, but she's a performer for sure.  That's why she'll be the first in my...

Should be Safe:

Skylar Laine - We know from last year and years past that Idol has a country fan base.  She out-shined the other two country girls this week.

Shannon Magrane - She sang the quite unfamiliar, "Go Light Your World" and even with a song nobody knows, she made me a believer.  This tall youngster will be around a while.

Elise Testone - I think the lackluster performances by most of the girls made Elise look better than she was last night, but her Adele was better than the other 3 Adeles so I think she'll stay.

On the Fence:

Hollie Cavanaugh - She was by far my favorite last night, even with the Disney-like "Reflections" by Christina Aguilera.  Her vocals blew me away and I hope she hangs around.

Jessica Sanchez - I don't really know what the judges were raving about.  I wasn't impressed with this teenager's Jennifer Hudson song, but all the good reviews may save her from being eliminated.

Erica Van Pelt - This girl is real and she can flat our sing.  Her "What About Love" was spot on even thought the judges thought she could have gone farther.  If the audience remembers her...she makes it.

Brielle Von Hugel - I don't know how she will survive, but she will.  "Sittin' On the Dock Of The Bay?"  Really?!?  She couldn't have gone with something better.  I'm not impressed, but I'm sure some will be.

Hallie Day - Two words for Hallie..."Just Smile."  I think she's got a nice voice, but the votes will never go her way if she looks like she's bored to death.  That's how she looked while singing Michael Buble's "Feelin' Good."

Going Home:

Jen Hirsch - Another Adele song, and one we won't remember.  Great voice...looks like Rachael from Glee...but she's gone.

Haley Johnsen - No "Sweet Dreams" for this girl.  Odd choice and arrangement, and Randy was right...this was a nightmare.

Chelsea Sorrell - I get the feeling the judges were told they were too easy on the boys, so they jumped on Chelsea and her version of Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Cassanova" right off the bat.  I'm not saying she didn't deserve it, but she may have been the first casualty due to circumstance.

Baylie Brown - It pains me to say it...I know she is an artist and has a lot of talent, but her version of "Amazed" just never got on track.  I'll miss you Baylie...and those eyes...oh those eyes!