Down to the final five on Season 11 of American Idol and I believe it's harder to predict than ever before.  The dark horses are peaking at the right time.  The favorites (for me) are getting stale.  It's anybody's game.

I would love to share some videos of last night's show, but looks like Youtube has cracked down!  Oh well, on to the predictions.

On The Fence:

Skylar - I think she got enough praise to get through.  Her rendition for "Fortunate Son" was off the hook!

Joshua - I really think he's getting boring, but the judges think he's "one of the best ever?"  I don't see it, but America does.

Bottom 3:

Hollie - Crazy enough, she's at the top of my bottom 3.  Her "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis was one of the best performances of the year!  She's getting to where she needs to be at the right time, and she walks away safe tonight.

Phillip - Really worried about this guy, even though both of his songs were solid.  "The Letter" and "Time Of The Season" fit him perfectly, but I think it's him as one of the final two standing there at the end of the night.

Going Home:

Jessica - I know I'm going out on a limb here, but as good as she was last night, I think a couple weeks of mercy votes is all she gets following her close call.