I'm off to a good start in predicting my American Idol cast-offs.  I reviewed the guys' performances on Tuesday and girls' on Wednesday, and I have to say, I was pretty darn close.If I start with the girls, I named Skylar, Shannon, and Elise as "Should Be Safe" and they all made the top 10 by votes.  The next two names I listed in order, in my "On The Fence" group, were Hollie and Jessica, who also made it to the top 10 by vote.  The very next name on my list was...you guessed it, Erica, who was the final female contestant, picked as a wild card by the judges!  While I wasn't happy with Baylie Brown going home, I knew it was coming because she brought it on herself with a BAD performance.

Now onto the guys.  I wasn't SPOT ON like I was for the girls, but again I nailed the "Safe For Sure" guys picking Joshua, Phil, and Colton.  I picked Jermaine next as an "On The Fence."  I did have Reed above Heejun, but Reed didn't do himself favors in his redemption song.  Finally I had Jeremy in there and I'm pulling for him BIG TIME!

The biggest mistake I made was leaving Deandre completely off my list...oops.  Well, that should let you know exactly who I'm seeing as the weak link moving into next week and the top 13. So, who do I think will win it all?  Tough to say now, but I think Phil, Joshua, Hollie, Jeremy, and Erica are major stand-outs.  Check back here for my picks after the performance round!