In the eleven seasons of American Idol, one thing we've heard over and over is "Don't do Mariah and Don't do Whitney." So, it makes a ton of sense that the girls are saddled with just that task in the first week of Top 13 competition. The girls, many of which had never even thought about singing a Whitney Houston song, were given the task to tackle one of the hits from the late diva. It didn't get much easier for the guys, as they had to take on a Stevie Wonder tune. The guys did have a better time than most of the girls, but some of the ladies shined with their songs, like Jessica Sanchez with her version of "I Will Always Love You."

Country girl, Skylar Laine also pulled off a nice rendition of Whitney's "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

In a twist, tonight, when the results are announced, the bottom girl and bottom guy will fall into the judges' hands for the vote as to who stays and who goes.  That will create an interesting scenario, but here's how I see things playing out.

Should Be Safe:

Jessica Sanchez - Normally, doing Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" would be a nail in the coffin, but she did nail it.

Phillip Phillips - His quirky "Superstition" was powerful and snagged him a ride into next week.

Colton Dixon - He's got that look, and his sound worked well for Stevie Wonder's, "Lately."  He's safe.

Skylar Laine - He country style Whitney was quite impressive.

On The Fence:

Hollie Cavanaugh - While her speaking voice is strange and fades in and out of what appears to be an English accent, he Celine Dion-esque singing voice is amazing.  "All The Man I Need" should carry her through.

Heejun Han - Talk about quirky.  This dude can sing, but he's just a weirdo and proud of it.  The judges said good but not perfect...I agree.

Erika Van Pelt - A couple of the girls just have a voice that's not suited for Whitney and Erika is one of them.  She still did a good job and she looks the most comfortable of all up there.

Joshua Ledet - I still think he's one of the best voices on the show, but this early in the game, it's awful tough to be in the opening slot, as he was singing "I Wish."

Jermaine Jones - He always looks uncomfortable.  The gentle giant can only go so far showing those nerves and SWEAT like he did last night.  He may be in trouble.

Jeremy Rosado - I hope he's staying around.  He's the only one that looks like he can hit all the notes without even trying.  The judges had to save him last week, but I think he's done enough to stay.

Shannon Magrane - The notes she didn't butcher, were spot on...I know it sounds bad, but for the most part, "I Have Nothing" was entertaining and she might get the mercy vote.

Elise Testone - While she was looking like a front-runner just last week, she looked totally out of place this week.  I think her "I'm You Baby Tonight" was awkward and might put her in the bottom slot for the girls..but the judges would save her in this case.

Going Home:

Deandre Brackenstick - He was the one person, I was surprised they brought back last week, and I'm not sure his reggae-infused "Master Blaster" was enough to convince voters that he's an American Idol.  I don't think the judges will save him twice.