Recently while looking over my internet bill, I noticed a charge that I never approved. It turns out I've been getting charged $4/month for something I did not opt into! 


My husband and I "cut the cord" a few months ago and got rid of cable. Neither of us are big TV watchers, we have a few shows we like, but besides that we pretty much stick to Netflix and Hulu. I was going over our internet bill this past month and found out we are getting charged for a MONTHLY GUIDE! We don't even have cable!!

I noticed once a month we'd get a magazine in the mail from our internet service provider, and it looked all fancy, and would have articles, but then it was a TV guide, and I thought it was odd we'd get a TV guide considering since we bought our new house, we've never had cable.

I checked my bill and sure enough I was getting charged for the TV guide. $3.99/month.  I've received probably 5 of these, so that's almost $20 I've spent on something I've been throwing into the recycle bin each month.

I called my service provider and they're taking the charges off, but just a reminder, always check your bills! I was a little upset because I did not opt into this.


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