The ACM Awards will air Sunday Night on CBS 44.  I'm conflicted though, because Wrestlemania 27 is also on this Sunday.  What's a guy to do?  I'm so confused, I've made my ACM picks...if WWE Superstars were up for the awards.

Entertainer of the Year - The Miz (A surprise WWE Champ has been seen on every major talk show out there...and he's dang entertaining)

Male Vocalist - John Cena (He is the VOICE of the WWE Universe, and even though he's gotten stale with the older generation of viewers, his work with The Rock has made him raise his game)

Female Vocalist - Vickie Guerrero (No female is more vocal...EXCUSE ME)

Group of the Year - The Nexus (The old one...the original one...the one that dominated before it was broken up by inexperience and injury)

Duo of the Year - Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole (Maybe a dysfunctional duo, but have given us great moments this year, and a big one for Sunday night to come as they face off)

Best New Artist - Daniel Bryan (An exciting young talent, who is bringing a new style to WWE)

Song of the Year - Undertaker (How bout Undertaker abandoning the old funeral march to adopt a Johnny Cash song)

OK, this was strange, but it's what goes through my mind sometimes...stick around for my real ACM picks coming soon.