After last fall's CMA Awards, I was more complementary than I'd ever been of an award show.  That's not going to be the case with last night's ACM's.  One hour and 3 minutes...that's how long we watched the show before see even one award presented.  WHAT!?!  How does this happen?  It's been a slow progression in all award shows of making the awards secondary to the performances.  They even leave some of the major categories like video and collaboration off the main show due to lack of time.  Really guys, how bout we skip the road trip across Vegas with Reba and Blake.  How bout a few less promos of how Rhianna is going to sing with Jennifer Nettles.

I don't mind special guest performances from other music genres at award shows like this, so I won't complain about Stephen Tyler rockin' out with Carrie Underwood or James Taylor and Zac Brown jammin' together.  But why did the producers of this show again give so much attention to this song...only to screw up the sound, and give Jennifer Nettles a second time to sing.  I like Jennifer...sans the sound problem, the song was actually pretty good too.  My problem is, when you give time to these kind of things, you miss out on a chance for more relevant country acts from the last year performing.  How about, Chris Young, with 3 straight number ones?  How about Luke Bryan, the next nominee to move up to the Male Vocalist ranks?  How about the biggest group in country Lady Antebellum?

I will say that the last hour of the show really picked up.  We had great performances, like Ronnie Dunn and Darius Rucker.  The awards came quicker.  We also quit going back to the Mandalay Bay for more pointless activity.  As for the awards, I'm not bragging, but I picked ALL the winners except the Entertainer of the Year (now if only my NCAA brackets were that good).  No, I don't have a problem with Taylor winning, just surprised she won, but with fan voting (another negative for the ACM's) you never know what'll happen.    ACM's, you are being outclassed by the CMA's.  I know the artists enjoy the ACM's more, but this viewer is in pain.  I will leave you on one good note, this show was nowhere near the train wreck of last year's CMT Video Music Awards, so it's got that going for it.