This past weekend, we celebrated our daughter's first birthday, and based on some good advice and some personal experience, we decided to go to one of Evansville's newest businesses to order the all important birthday cake!Our best friends' son is a mere 5 weeks older than our little one, so when we attended his party, we saw the amazing Mickey Mouse cake, and had to know where they got it.  They pointed us in the direction of A Pinch Of Sugar.

They are located at 579 N. Green River Road, in the shopping center with Chuck E. Cheese.  It's a cute little shop, with people that are passionate about baking and creating.  That's obvious when you walk in the door.

So, my wife and I know what we want in a cake.  We even found a picture on the Internet of what we wanted it to look like.  We simply e-mailed a picture to A Pinch Of Sugar...

...and this is what we got!

Not only did it look like the online cake, it looked BETTER!  And sometimes when a cake looks good, it doesn't taste good.  This is not the case with A Pinch Of Sugar.  The cake was moist and delicious, with home made icing!  So, this is my UNPAID and UNDISCOUNTED endorsement for you.  Check them out.  They do great work.  If nothing else, go in for a yummy cupcake which they make fresh everyday for you to pick up when you have a sweet tooth.  One more thing.  For a cake like this, you might expect to pay a hundred or couple hundred bucks for...nope, mine was just over $50.

Visit A Pinch Of Sugar on the web here.  Or call them at 812-476-7650.