Are you a morning person? Many people are not including my wife Lisa who is the worst morning person ever. If you start your day with a shower, a new trick might just make your morning may also be the worst kind of torture imaginable.

Hoby Finn

According to Entrepreneur magazine, there is a 90-second trick you can use to wake up, but it may hurt...not in a painful sort of way, but more of a body shock kind of way.

A hot shower will not necessarily wake you up first thing in the morning. In fact, research says the opposite is true because a hot shower will lower your body temperature, which will make you feel more tired.

Ok, here's what you the end of your shower, turn off the hot water and go with all cold water for 30 seconds. Crank the hot water back up for 30 seconds, then finish with a final 30 seconds of the coldest water you can stand and VIOLA!!!! You're energized and ready for the day, or completely decide. Just trying to help.