My fondest memories, growing up, are the times I dances with my dad. Captain Morgan is an amazing dancer. He doesn't often show it unless he has had several CC and 7's. But, when he does, it is AWESOME. I, being the dancer daughter, was the only one who could keep up with him. At weddings or parties, he would twirl me around the dance floor like something you see on 'Dancing With the Stars'. It was always magical and something that only he and I understood.

I love to see other fathers share dancing with their daughters. It always makes my teary eyed even if they are break dancing. LOL For Father's Day, I found five videos that show the best of the best Father/Daughter dances on the web. Enjoy!


Dads, even if you DON'T consider yourself a dancer or even a GOOD dancer, DANCE with your daughters...often. They will NEVER forget it. :-) Happy Father's Day!