In time for the 2nd Annual Zombie Walk in Downtown Evansville sponsored by Eville Studios on Sunday - I decided to try my hand at zombie makeup. I solicited my step-daughter Carley as my model. I hoped to give you some tips and tricks but unfortunately my zombie make-up looked more like hunting camo. The last picture is pretty much hysterical! Instagram your zombie makeup at #GBFZombieWalk and tweet to #EvansvilleHalloween! Can't wait to see if you guys did better than me!

I used the Deluxe Zombie Makeup from Party City.

  • The first step was to apply the 'rotting flesh' which was a gooey cotton substance. I pulled small pieces off and applied evenly to my beautiful clear-complextioned palate.
  • Next, I applied a small layer of baby powder to set the 'rotting flesh.'
  • Then I used my fingers to evenly smear the gray pancake base over her entire face. I left her neck clear but I'd suggest getting that area too.
  • I blended black and green around her eyes and cheeks and highlighted with white around the face.
  • Finally (and this is where I went wrong), I used the fake blood. I tried to smear it around her mouth but it ended up looking like a beard. I'm sure you will do better with this step!
  • Good luck and see you Sunday at 5 PM at 5th and Main! Don't forget - Instagram #GBFZombieWalk and Twitter #EvansvilleHalloween
Deluxe Zombie makeup kit from Party City
Carley before the 'transformation'
First apply the 'rotting flesh'
The pancake makeup
Apply a base of grey pancake makeup
Apply dark makeup around the eyes
HIghlight and lowlight
Almost finished
This is where it went wrong. She looks more like a bearded man going on a hunt... a zombie hunt?