Alles Brothers Furniture has an awesome Christmas present for you! It's a $2000 Shopping Spree you can win just in time for the holidays. To qualify, just identify the mystery singer each day with Jon and Leslie. Today we finished up the 12 Days and now is your chance to to enter to be the last chance qualifier for the grand prize.  Listen once more.

Here are some clues to get you there:
Day 1: This Young man has had a great 2011 in Country Music and looks to have an even more promising Tomorrow!
Day 2: This local dude gets it right almost all the time...but what the Heck, nobody's perfect.
Day 3: Even though he's soon to have a new powerful office, he had nothin to do with naming local Expressways
Day 4: When he says it's going to rain, he's not Lyin'...or is he?
Day 5: Don't let this one get you on ice...his voice should be an easy one to Fic-ure out
Day 6: Another guy with a knack for letting you know what it's like outside...this one gets up a lot earlier than he used to.
Day 7: Over 50 years of radio Love has been shown for this Big star
Day 8: 2011 has proven how much Stronger this star is these days
Day 9: He brought his voice and Conway's to Ellis Park in September
Day 10: This guy stood close to Kelly Clarkson once...and it's not Jason was when he had Nothing To Lose but a singing competition
Day 11: The only pair of singers have more "fun" than "funds" apparently
Day 12: A legendary singer and player who may get confusing looks if he wears red this time of year.