Remember your favorite toys? Your list probably starts with your favorite stuffed animal and ends with your Harley!! LOL

According to a survey from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, these are the favorite toys of the last century:

1. GI Joe


2. Transformers

3. Lego

4. Barbie

5. View-Master

6. Bicycle

7. Cabbage Patch Kids

8. Crayons

9. Play-doh

10. Monopoly

My top 10 would be much different! Here it is, in NO particulat order:

  1. Barbie
  2. Hot Wheels
  3. Fisher Price Little People with house and farm
  4. Bicycle
  5. Horse (my REAL horse. named Toy)
  6. Tennis Racket (for my airband)
  7. Three Wheeler (got it for Christmas when I was 10)
  8. Rock pile at the end of our road (spent hours searching for rocks for my collection.  Almost got hit by a bus. True story!! )
  9. Outdoor light pole on our patio ( used that pole as my disco dancing partner)
  10. My sister and brother ( LOVED playing with them. They remain to this day my FAVORITE playmates!!)